Modularized HW Solutions & Taylor Made Sw Services & Easy ways to collect DATA

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  • Telematics & IOT
  • Devices for vehicle telematiics & UBI
  • Data collection devices


  • Data collection platfroms
  • Device management platforms​​
  • Device Remote Controlling platforms

Datastreaming Connectivity

  • Datastreaming connectivity
  • Multi IMSI management
  • Connectivity Products

Telematics and IOT devices

HW based on modularized design structure, easy to adjust installation methods and ID, good balance in cost and performance​

Telematics and IOT device management platform​

Stable infrastructure platform modules for easy device connectivity and management of data collection​

Datastreaming connectivity and multi IMSI management​

Datastreaming connectivity and multi IMSI management

Solutions for data collection terminal

Connectivity products

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