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The Presence of ARLO
Core Team Members

Alessandro Oro

Founder, CEO & COO

More than 25 years experience in telecom and IT industries, acting as Top Manager, COO, CEO in companies in relevant verticals, also take a role as Private Angel Investor

Ralph Lv

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

More than 15 years experience in telecom and IT industries, acting as President Assistant, GM, Senior Consultant, also stand as GP for Investment Companies and take role as Private Angel Investor

Edward Wong

CTO & Senior Consultant

More than 20 years experience in Data Collection/Management and IOT, acting as Senior Manager and Director in Microsoft and Accenture, also used to take a role as CEO of a Start Up Company focusing on telematics and tracking

Massimo Maretto

HW & SW Team Leader

More than 20 years experiences in wireless and IOT products design and SW development acting as Leader of Designing and Developing Team


PM Leader

More than 10 years experiences in IOT HW/SW field, top level Product Manager. Really experienced in FW development priojects.

Started with the booming IOT concepts

Partners & Collaboration

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